Monday, February 16, 2009

Easy Truffles - Go Ahead Honey February

february is a big month of celebration for us, with birthdays, valentine's, and Ayyam-i-Ha, and as such, involves just a bit of dessert :) for this month's 'go ahead honey' i decided to make something simple, healthy, and tasty for my sweet for valentine's. i was thinking about making truffles a few months ago and never got around to it, so i dove in for this month's theme of 'sweets for your sweetheart' hosted by kelly at the spunky coconut.

i must say, the recipe is really simple, but can be played around with. i just put what i was in the mood for since it was my first time experimenting with them. i've added in the end a couple of additions you may want to add to yours if you decide to make them. and by the way, i made these in about ten minutes, so it's not very time consuming!

Easy Chocolate Covered Truffles

3 Medjool Dates
2 Tbsp Chocolate Chips (I used Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips) or your favorite chocolate
2 Tbsp Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter
1/3 cup Cashews
1 tsp Cocoa Powder (I used Green & Black's) - optional
2 drops clear Stevia


Melt the chocolate chips and coconut butter together on low in a small saucepan.
While they are melting, add the cashews and dates into a food processor and pulse until they are completely cumbled and stick together. Mix in the cocoa powder and stevia if you're using.
Take out a teaspoon at a time of the mixture and press to form a ball. It should easily stick together.
Gently roll your balls in the chocolate mixture and place on wax paper. Refrigerate until they are cool and firm- it shouldn't take too long. Enjoy!

Other optional additions: add a 1/4 tsp vanilla, some chili powder, raw cacao nibs, or other nuts for fun. You could also sprinkle some pistachios, coconut, or other nuts on top of the wet chocolate.

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  1. Beautiful and look so healthy for truffles! I love all the roses ... so "a propos" for Valentine's Day!


  2. What is the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil? I have just recently seen some other recipes call for coconut butter, and don't really know what it is or what it is used for.

  3. katie- good question! it took me a while to figure out :)
    the coconut oil is obviously just the oil. the butter on the other hand is a blend of the coconut meat and oil. it's a great spread for toast or baking or whatever... it's rich and creamy.