Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm in food heaven

...all because my beloved nando's has decided to open in d.c. as of last week. only a few blocks from my office, we decided to go to lunch there today, and boy was it tasty. i haven't eaten there since i lived in israel, and it was even better than i remembered!

i got a 1/4 chicken (hot) with a "fino" side of butternut squash and grilled corn (with red onion, grilled corn, dried cranberries, and fresh cilantro). i expected the chicken to be great, but i really enjoyed the butternut side as well. cooked well with a slight kick and quite filling. as for the chicken, i decided to grab some dipping sauces to go and really enjoyed the wild herb peri-peri sauce as well as the garlic sauce once we got back to work to eat.

anyways, if you're in d.c. definitely stop by... 819 7th st. nw, washington, dc
the u.s. website is still under construction: but you can buy their sauces online

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