Thursday, March 26, 2009

Throwing a Green Dinner Party

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about warm weather activities with friends and families. One of the most popular things to do once the temperature goes up is to host a delicious dinner party filled with food and décor that are inspired by the colors of the season and the fresh flavors that remind us of spring. To make things a bit more creative, consider planning your dinner around a theme to make the color scheme, table décor, and menu options tie in nicely together. A popular design idea for 2009 has been to go green by investing in eco-friendly product alternatives from the food we serve to our guests to the furniture we place in our home. With that being said, whip out your dinnerware collection and get started on your green dinner party today!

A dinner party wouldn’t be the same without invited guests but we want to stay away from sending out a pile of printed invitations and envelopes in the mail in order to reduce paper waste. It’s time to take advantage of the internet and send out personalized invitations via email to get an idea of the number of people that can attend your eco-friendly event. Next, consider making a conscious effort to be kind to the environment and plan your menu around locally grown ingredients such as fresh greens for your salad, or wild berries for dessert. Incorporate nature into your table décor by using organic materials for centerpieces or to decorate place settings. This is a great opportunity to include a fresh bouquet of flowers grouped together in a clear vase to create the perfect spring accent for your dinner party.

According to Planet Green, it’s a good idea to consider sticking with a vegetarian menu or one that includes sustainable seafood options instead of meat. Meat production has made a significant impact on climate change and the large amount of water that goes into producing even a pound of beef will leave you speechless. If you’re committed to throwing a green dinner party, stay true to the rules and apply the same green mentality to your dinner party menu. As mentioned above, purchasing locally grown ingredients will put you in the right direction as you are supporting your environment and you know exactly where your meals are coming from.

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