Saturday, April 12, 2008

gluten free travels

i was a bit nervous about going on our recent trips to israel and switzerland and eating gluten free...
but thankfully, i requested the gluten-free meals on all three airlines we flew, and what do you know, they were much better than my dear husband's tasteless and transfatty meals! :)

i didn't take any pictures of them, but for instance, i got an organic sugar free french coconut macaroon which tasted incredible instead of a dry pepperidge farm cookie, a fresh fruit salad with blueberries, pineapple, and other fruit instead of an orange and yellow cabbage substance, and more :)

israeli food on the whole was not too difficult to manage, although all of my old favorites that i used to enjoy eating there i can no longer eat, like toasts (grilled sandwiches) and hot chocolate cake. but on the upside, hot salads are still fantastic, and falafel and shawarma are served on plates now as well.

i'm going to try to remake this drink and post the recipe at some point... there are different variations at each cafe or restaurant you go to in israel, but the main idea is mint and lemonade with crushed ice-- "limonana"

this was my last meal in israel where i really pigged out: :)

in switzerland they weren't too appreciative of the gluten-free lifestyle, and definitely not the dairy-free, but i did walk by a store window in zurich and saw a whole display of gluten-free food for sale. all in all, a positive experience food-wise, and i only got sick once in the two weeks! (which is not too bad) :)

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